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How to be a winner at slot machine games, there are no secrets or a miracle recipe, but still some tricks will allow you to put all the odds on your side.

First you must learn how to choose your machine, of course the mythical technique of the watchman (wait for a person to leave his slot machine after a long time without winning) is not useless but should not to be your only weapon.

It seems obvious that if you move to a machine on which someone has just won a few thousand pieces you will not have much chance of touching the jackpot, instead a slot machine to eat all the parts previous players should be more profitable. Essential online casino like singapore casino online reviews makes you aware of the right options.

Well Choose Your Machine

Then you have to define what budget you will put into play to choose the machine that suits you best, if you play on a machine with multiple lines (20 or more) you must be able to water parts for as long as possible to touch the jackpot.

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The more lines and therefore possible combinations the more your budget will have to be, count between 100 and 500 times the amount invested in each part.


  • You play in total 100 $,
  • On a machine with 20 lines of bets you should not exceed the machines at 0.05 $
  • Calculation: 20 x 0.05 = 1
  • Either every game turn you bet 1 $

You will have 100 chances to win the jackpot, if you play on a 0.02 $ machine you will have 250 chances. Not to mention of course the extra turns you will earn during the game.

Put All the Chances Of His Coast

Always prefer to play all the lines even if it’s only one piece per line rather than a few lines with more coins, when you win free spins you will have all your chances to do this a maximum of benefits.

Finally one last tip but perhaps the most important: once you have won on a machine a few thousand pieces do not bother to get the maxi-jackpot that falls every 15 months, stop before the machine will pick you all up and find a new machine that will give you a better chance of profit.


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Summary of things to remember:

  • Choose your machine according to your budget and the action that preceded (use the display of the last gain of each machine if you use an already free on your arrival).
  • Play all the lines to have the best chance to line up a big combination.
  • A significant gain achieved does not hesitate to change the machine by reusing the same criteria.

We recommend another blog article more comprehensive and detailed on the same subject that details the different types of slot machines and tips to win the jackpot. In any decision, throughout the game, demonstrate maximum skill and trick. Then, always keep in mind that you have to beat the dealer and no one else, that is to say it is not only about approaching 21, but also to do better than the casino represented by the dealer or the dealer.


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